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New World Publishing has been in business since 1995. Our goal is to provide parents, children, educators, and schools with the latest and the best educational products and materials available. We constantly check the educational market so that we keep abreast of the latest trends in education today. We believe that our children are our greatest and most precious resource. Therefore, we have chosen as our motto, “When you absolutely, positively must have good and smarter children, let us help you.”

* Currently, our product line includes a wonderful world of innovative books, educational products, supplies, resources, ideas, and materials. We supply the educational market with books and materials that are educational, entertaining, rewarding, and user friendly.

Our products include the following:

A+ Children’s Interactive Books- This exciting new series of interactive books features five delightful friends who live deep in beautiful Rainbow Forest. Each book tells the story of a different character. The titles are Little Ricky Rabbit, A Bow For Rachel Rabbit, Casper The Ugliest Caterpillar, Little Stinky Skunk, and Timmy The Turtle. The books are for Pre-K- Grade 2 and Grades 3-5. Each book is designed to stimulate and motivate children’s creative energy. This unique series is chock-full of skills and activities that include reading, writing, comprehension, vocabulary, research, art, music, drama, and coloring. The books teach Character Education. Some of the character education traits they contain are cheerfulness, cleanliness, compassion, creativity, honesty, kindness, patience, and many more. Also included in the series is a Character Education Study Guide for each book by grade level.

The Five Friends of Rainbow Forest CD & DVD- The CD is A+ Children’s Music for ages 2-12. The Artists are the Five Friends of Rainbow Forest Band. The CD consists of 10 songs that are kids (and parent) friendly, educational, and entertaining. All of the songs leave lasting impressions, and they teach lessons that children will treasure for a lifetime. We are also proud to present the A+ Kids’ Learning Zone DVD starring the Five Friends of Rainbow Forest. The DVD includes five read along stories that explore current issues, situations, and conflicts that kids encounter every day. Also included are 10 sing along songs that provide tips on good study habits, the joys of reading, safety tips, and numerous character-building traits. Kids love interacting with the Five Friends of Rainbow Forest Band. This live band performs ten high-energy songs that keep kids on their feet.

Audio Children’s Books Are Cool!

These exciting and heart-warming stories will engage your children’s imagination and stimulate their creativity. They will become your children’s treasured favorites for years to come. They are excellence resources for Bibliotherapy. Audio books allow children to enjoy stories in a fun and exciting way. They provide a read- aloud model, teach critical listening, build vocabulary, and provide a bride to importance topics for discussion for parents and children. These fascinating and entertaining stories will help children become life long readers.

The Five Friends of Rainbow Forest Poster Collection- This unique line of lively posters captures each character in a delightful pose. These black and white 11″x 17″ posters are designed to give children the opportunity to use their imagination and to express their creativity. These posters can be entered into contests, framed and displayed on walls, sent to family and friends, or children may want to collect all five to start their own collection.

Cookbook Just For Kids- This amazing cookbook is created with kids in mind. Kids enjoy the delicious, easy to prepare recipes that are sure to “tickle the taste buds” and make cooking fun. Cookbook Just for Kids comes with safety tips, party tips, guides for setting the table, and page after page of recipes that can only be described as “Taste Bud Tickling Good.”

Hot Tips For Teenagers- Be the Coolest kid in school! This amazing new collection of reports allows teens to discover the latest tips on everything under the sun from cars to college.

With Pen In Hand- This collection of interactive poems and short story is sure to motivate and stimulate any child to create his or her own collection. Kids enjoy the wonderful poems and the delightful short story. The themes in the poems include love, courage, friendship, and many others. Kids marvel at their creative ability as they write their own collection.

Hot Tips For Teachers– Teachers will discover the latest trends in education. This specialized collection contains tips, strategies, methods, and plans that are sure to make teaching a breeze. This collection has been tested and proven effective by TEACHERS just like you. So join the millions who use these helpful tips, strategies, methods, and plans.

A School Success Plan –Do you want the most successful school in your state? This easy step-by-step plan provides school administrators and officials with tips, strategies, methods, and ideas that help them to make dramatic changes in their school, their staff, and the lives of their students. Watch as teacher morale rises to an all- time high.

Curricula Aligned Courses of Study- This specialized plan is designed to meet the needs of ALL the students in your state by virtue of Courses of Study that are properly and completely aligned with teacher-made tests, state and local mandated tests, Common Core State Standards, and national tests. This plan is designed to do the following:

  • Improve your test results by allowing your staff to align the curriculum with local standards, state standards, national standards, and required tests.
  • Ensure all your students a continuous, comprehensive, educational program beginning in Pre K and continuing through 12th Grade.
  • Prepare all your students for college and the workforce.
  • Provide all of your teachers with the powerful tools (Courses of Study) they need to do the job of educating your students.
  • Make you more knowledgeable and confident of the lessons that are being taught in the classrooms.
  • Help you produce life-long learners and productive citizens.
  • Prepare all students to succeed in our global economy and society.
  • Replace pressure with peace of mind when it comes to student performance as well as teacher performance

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