A+ Children’s Interactive Books and Audio Book


A+ Children’s Interactive Books and Audio Book Is a Super Combination for All Children.
Your children can read the stories in the books and complete the activities on their own
or they can listen as the stories are read to them. Your children will have the BEST of both
worlds as the read and listen critically or just for fun. This great combination will give your
children the options they may need when learning to read for facts and information or if they are just reading for pleasure. In addition, listening to the stories in the Audio Book will enhance children’s listening skills, increase reading comprehension, and improve interpretation and analytical skills.
A+ Children’s Books and Audio Book Prek-2($42.96)
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A + Children’s Books and Audio Book Grades 3-5(Price $46.96)
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A + Children’s Interactive Books
The books in the combination feature five delightful friends who live deep in beautiful Rainbow Forest. Each of the kids’ books tells the story of a different character. The titles are Little Ricky Rabbit, A Bow For Rachel Rabbit, Casper The Ugliest Caterpillar, Little Stinky Skunk, and Timmy The Turtle. The stories in the books teach problem solving skills, coping skills, higher order thinking skills, communication skills, and conflict resolution. Kids learn to interact in a positive manner with peers and adults and to exemplify appropriate behavior. These books are designed to build self-esteem, stimulate creativity, increase test scores, enhance knowledge base, improve communication, expand vocabulary, and develop natural talent. These children’s activity books are educational, interactive, entertaining, rewarding, and user friendly. They engage children in numerous activities that include reading, writing, research, role-playing, drawing, acting, singing, and coloring. Recall and Interpretation Questions and numerous educational and fun activities follow each story. The children’s storybooks in this combination provides hours of learning and fun. They are great children’s activity books/coloring books. They can be used as supplementary books or in conjunction with any textbook. They are ideal for home school books. The books can be used to provide great learning experiences for children.

Kids’ Audio Book
The exciting and heart-warming stories will engage your children’s imagination and stimulate their creativity. This Audio Children’s Book will become your children’s treasured favorite for years to come. It is an excellent resource for Bibliotherapy, and it allows children to enjoy stories in a fun and exciting way. This Children’s Audio Book provides a read- aloud model, teaches critical listening, builds vocabulary, and provides a bridge to importance topics for discussion for parents and children. The fascinating and entertaining stories in this Audio Book will help children become lifelong readers.

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PreK-2, Grades 3-5


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